International dividend ETFs for income, diversification

The Federal Reserve’s near-zero interest rate policy has taken the allure out of money market funds and savings accounts which are yielding basically nothing. Dividend ETFs that focus on international high-yield stocks are a good place for investors to enhance their search for income. “While there are several possibilities such as real estate investment trusts and preferred shares, one option is high-yielding dividend ETFs, particularly international ETFs. Though dividend ETFs are not the same asset type as bonds and are not meant as a perfect replacement, safe high-yielding dividend stocks do provide a regular and reliable source of income that, unlike many bonds, have yields above the inflation level,” J.J. Zhang wrote for MarketWatch. International dividend ETFs are not only a good place to seek yield, they also offer diversification benefits. Both sector diversity and regional diversity are good additions to a portfolio that can go overlooked.

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